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MMZ - The Last Cataclysm 3 is in the making !

2007-08-01 13:25:41 by FlameZero

Yo.I love this new profile pages..

Anyway Hi.Its me : Flamezero.I know its been like two years since "Megaman Zero - The Last Cataclysm 2" is submitted and some of you are going crazy for the new installment.Things had gotten in the way and I hadnt been able to work on it for a while.But so far its half finished.I don't want to fill this page with so much information.Its all written on my forum.Those who are curious about the movie and its progress go and check it.

I just wanna say that there will be an anime styled opening for this one in the movie.You will be able to watch it when the movie is loading.There will be lots of action in this one and since it will be the conclusion episode of the series it will have lots of shocking things.The extras will be there too , as always.And the naruto references....Well of course they will be in it...

I've added a screenshot from "Megaman Zero - The Last Cataclysm 3" (Or at least tried to add it...Im new with this news post thingie) but it looks kinda shitty since I made it a gif.So it would have looked better if you had checked it from my forum

There are a lot of information about the progress of the movie and lots of more screenshots from the movie (even a small swf file) on my forum.So if you wanna check them out.Go ahead ;)
index.cgi?board=talk&action=display&th read=1169222808&page=1

Thats it.See you all...and wow I look cool ! :P

MMZ - The Last Cataclysm 3 is in the making !


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2009-01-11 15:16:40

Hey, I wanted to ask:
You made MMZTLC but it doesn't appears in your flashes, actually you don't have flashes uploaded, instead they're now in a spammer's account, did he stoled them or what?


2009-01-13 17:12:41

can't wait and you HAVE to get your videos back from that other douchebag he keeps claiming they're his videos but still can't wait for it


2009-01-13 20:59:04

dude someone stole your flashes and the same guy also makes fake hentai get his ass ban


2009-02-08 23:00:09

Well... I always wondered well you're going to make the next Cataclysm. Better hurry, there are some people stealing your flashes and claiming them as their own. Just wanted to give you the heads up.


2009-02-16 01:32:11

Is this almost done?


2009-02-23 21:54:01

I just checked your profile today and I see everything's back to normal after nearly four months, except for the site link under "Contact Info". I'm not going to ask about your progress with the movie this time. I'll just wish you good luck with it. Peace.


2009-03-02 18:03:23

well this is pretty lame


2009-05-17 11:12:26



2009-05-17 20:29:44

jesus its been how long now?


2009-05-18 14:18:20

Submit the movie on newgrounds already!


2009-05-23 18:38:54

lmao pwnt


2009-06-01 00:26:27

Are you well...lagging?It's taking soooooooooooooooooo long.


2009-06-06 01:34:05

This is good and all, but personally I think you should do another one of those Naruto openings with the sprites for the 5th opening, Seishun Kyousoukyo. That probably was the best opening if not my favorite. The 2nd one is good too but I think there are some NG fans out there who want more Naruto.


2009-06-08 14:32:00



2009-06-19 20:51:53

-insert "omg is flamezero dead" comment here-
I think even VGCats updates more than this...
Great work, but you're keeping us hanging for how many years?


2009-06-25 00:50:40

Just saying, but serously if you don't make it, say it cause if this goes on, they are gonna try to find your adress and kick your ass(sry just saying hard facts, not my opinion :( )


2009-06-25 12:38:00

Oh, and 1 more BASTARD! you reviewed a movie at the end of last year and you are still gonna let us wait will we stay here witha lot of freaking patience!(to the people: the review thing is real check his latest reviews!) The movie better be good cause else you're dead!


2009-06-27 15:41:23



2009-07-02 17:26:53

It's not happening, is it? I've lost hope. It was such a great series, but it looks like we'll never find out what happens.


2009-07-04 18:03:56

there will be no mmz:tlc3, i know.

suck because of it.
(what an crappy comment dont ya think?)


2009-07-12 18:03:53

bet He gave up


2009-07-29 15:29:49

Man he quit


2009-08-12 23:42:22

Holy jesus... its been a long since FlameZero logged to anything nowadays.... I`ve been doing some research on FlameZero trying to find out if he logged on to any of his accounts on these websites I found... its a bit scary but he has logged on since March on his if any one have a clue where he is, at least spread the word if he out there or if he really is in the "other" world... The Last Cataclysm was supposed to be released 2 years ago in 2007, but nothing has changed... I repeat, if anybody has a clue please respond.


2009-09-30 11:31:38

Dude, just tell us you quit already, I feel stupid every time I check your account just to see the same old screen over and over again.

Tell us you quit so that I can stop hoping about something thats never gonna come out.


2009-10-24 00:42:14

Lol @ nuba1000. Even though I wouldn't say it in those words, I do get the point you're trying to make. I'm eager for the episode too. And this is coming from a guy who hardly knows a thing about megaman!


2009-11-25 19:27:47

dude im done waitin for this its obvious u gave up. u can just admit that u gave up so we can stop waitin for this


2010-02-06 05:50:25

uh dude how do i make a movie or game?


2010-03-27 17:18:19

nothing new


2010-04-05 16:16:29

5 years later i have been waiting for 5 years and it is not done


2010-04-08 02:19:02

Dude,it's clear you gave up for some reason.We have been waiting five Goddamn years.Just say it...


2010-04-12 20:02:00

come on man! y are you dead? Live i command you to live!
you lost all of your fans now


2010-05-02 19:43:31

You Fail Flamezero!!!

You have lost your fans, its been 5 FUCKING years!


2010-06-16 17:11:50

hey dude your awsome for makeing naruto go can you teach how to write me back


2010-06-18 07:38:32

Its Been Three Years I Hope Ur Still Working On It...:/


2010-06-28 12:34:26

This is really funny. FZ actually made MMZTLC3. He just didn't put it on Newgrounds since he got tired of people putting his videos on youtube and taking credit and tired of people spamming the website yammering to hurry up.

You honestly think he'd show the final video to idiots who spam him and yell at him day in and day out? Nah, he's only shown it to people who appreciate him and the fine work he does, and who won't leak the video all over youtube. It was good though, too bad you'll never see it.
Don't believe me? Check the forums, even "Chaos Tank" said it too


2010-07-03 22:16:14

Is that so? Well if he doesn't like that, maybe he should get a Youtube account so he can report the uploaders, and we can finally SEE Part 3! God, it's not that hard!


2010-07-05 22:01:36

ask tom 4 his email cuz u gotta use it when u sign up so try to contact him :P


2010-07-13 18:53:25

Hmmm. I see you started it in 2007 but it is 2010 now you have had 3 years to work on it. Weird and it still isn't finished?! Could you make a trailer of it and upload it to Youtube? Pretty please?


2010-07-15 16:53:53

3 uh.....where the fuck is it?


2010-07-23 15:28:18

coooolll pic


2010-07-23 18:04:48

GASPS!!!!! IT MADE FLASH IN 208 2009 and in 2010 he is still hre idiots he just will not update it because we have been fat fucks!


2010-08-22 05:02:47

Once again, he said he will not update it, just show it to his trusted friends like Chaos Tank and Raikon etc etc


2010-09-13 20:45:38

If he doesn't want to upload it, he doesn't have to. It's his movie after all. I just hope it turned out like he wanted it to.


2010-12-07 20:47:58

you're great, keep working (don't make zero die!)


2010-12-14 19:43:01

Can you guys stop blaming him? MMZTLC3 would be the best sprite we would ever see, but for me, seeing that would mean I would wait forever.


2011-04-26 19:24:11

ha man i liked the other movies u made but can u hurry and mmake the last one i mean we all have been weighting for a longtime for u to make it what is taking u so long


2011-04-29 22:35:09

I laugh at you idiots who still think he's atill working on this.

Obviously, he was hacked and never finished it because he has a LIFE unlike most of you people.

I hope you enjoy waiting for this until you die.


2011-06-07 19:04:36

lol this accounts looks like its dead in the water. sad, i was looking forward to the third last cataclysm


2011-07-15 03:52:28

I'm glad you got hacked.