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MMZ - The Last Cataclysm 3 is in the making !

2007-08-01 13:25:41 by FlameZero

Yo.I love this new profile pages..

Anyway Hi.Its me : Flamezero.I know its been like two years since "Megaman Zero - The Last Cataclysm 2" is submitted and some of you are going crazy for the new installment.Things had gotten in the way and I hadnt been able to work on it for a while.But so far its half finished.I don't want to fill this page with so much information.Its all written on my forum.Those who are curious about the movie and its progress go and check it.

I just wanna say that there will be an anime styled opening for this one in the movie.You will be able to watch it when the movie is loading.There will be lots of action in this one and since it will be the conclusion episode of the series it will have lots of shocking things.The extras will be there too , as always.And the naruto references....Well of course they will be in it...

I've added a screenshot from "Megaman Zero - The Last Cataclysm 3" (Or at least tried to add it...Im new with this news post thingie) but it looks kinda shitty since I made it a gif.So it would have looked better if you had checked it from my forum

There are a lot of information about the progress of the movie and lots of more screenshots from the movie (even a small swf file) on my forum.So if you wanna check them out.Go ahead ;)
index.cgi?board=talk&action=display&th read=1169222808&page=1

Thats it.See you all...and wow I look cool ! :P

MMZ - The Last Cataclysm 3 is in the making !


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2011-07-15 03:54:06

And he was never heard from again.


2011-09-22 20:17:53



2012-01-06 14:44:06

When will it be out??? Or is it even coming out? -_-


2012-03-25 23:08:49

guys so what if it has been 3 years give him time and so what it does not matter if he never releces it or not because so far he has a good reason not to release it [i am not blaming anyone]


2012-03-25 23:09:44

and so what if it has been 6 or 7 years thats not the pont


2012-03-25 23:11:10

ok now let him have some space


2012-06-26 22:25:35

Thanks for your flashes, even if you never release this man.


2012-10-28 17:15:36

So Awesome I can't wit for this!!!! XD


2013-01-06 01:33:52

Its dead enough said lol


2013-03-03 08:28:34

This post is from 2007, I think he just quit, but if you guys want to wait your whole life that's you case not mine.


2013-06-01 22:38:29

5 years later ...


2013-07-13 04:36:26

nekk minnit


2015-05-31 00:50:09

i would like to see it come out i just like this


2017-08-04 04:23:42

can you convert the previous entries to swivel or upload to them to YouTube


2017-09-13 10:00:03

Your page doesn't exist anymore, and MZ: TLC 3 still hasn't been released. Come on, man. It's 2017. I've been waiting a full decade. Just finish it already.


2017-09-17 23:03:57

So, Half-Life 3 all over again?