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Sonic: Christmas Greeting Sonic: Christmas Greeting

Rated 5 / 5 stars


LOL ! After talking to Yoshi and watching this , I realised that I really missed the good old days and flashes.

Yaaaaaaay ! For yoshi..He rOxX ! enough said.Keep rocking d00d.Merry christmas to everyone out thar !

Yoshi-1up responds:


Mega Man: Home Movie Mega Man: Home Movie

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Lol that was amazing.Alia looked sexy and hot.That was mostly because of the way you draw her.It was amazing..It was like 3d like when she turned back and so...But the idea is..priceless...Omg..I was wodnering why alia suddenly got kinky and who were she preapearing the video for. xDDD
Oh my god Aahahah it really was a good idea.Eevrything was well done.Alia posing in the front of mirror and the camera ,Alia sending the kiss on the cam , Alia taking pics of herself and then she turns out to be ....XDDDD I was like O.O when I first saw it though...

Haha though this is a long and pointless review it shows how much I liked the movie.This is definetly going in my favorites.And I havent favorited anything new for a long time.

It was also a good idea to have alia in it.It wouldnt be interesting if I saw roll or sumthing else..You got originality loved it.As one flash artist to another ; Keep up the great work man

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Glitcher2000 responds:

Thanks. I appreciate reviewers who write more than just the generic LOL! It feels like it makes it all worthwhile. But to be sure, wouldn't depicting Roll in such a scenario qualify as child pornography? I wouldn't want the FBI to come crashing through my window.

Naruto Bloopers Ep.4 Naruto Bloopers Ep.4

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Its been a while since I last reviewed.
I really cant vote a high score for this one.Because this is a flash portal and we have to review the submissions looking the authors flash skills.And it might also because I give high detail to my animations.
But dont worry.The humour was priceless.I really havent noticed almost all of them.I have watched the earlier episodes of this flash series of yours.And loved the humor in them too.Well keep making them.And I loved the fact that you started making this thing from the very beginning.I would of course love to see all of the naruto episodes' bloopers.
It has no flash skills.Even the preloaader and replay buttons werent working.My advise is to work on your flash skills more , you can easily make a working preloader.And there must be a free preloader here on NG.And making replay buttons arent that hard.Just put a button and give it the action ; "go to and play"..And dont forget to put that frame a "stop" action.
About the grapics it was just from naruto anime nothing special.
Style well..It didnt have any sPEC├ŁAL style.
Sound...Its from naruto thats a good thing.You should also work on that a lil bit.
Violence..Well at times I was scared so yeah. not at all.
Humor : priceless
This can become better if you can actually make a working preloader and replay button.And at times I wasnt able to read the things on the screen because they went too fast.I had to stop the movie everytime a new scren appeared which pissed me off.You could slow the pace a bit.Or You can make the screenshots change by pressing space button.That would be a good idea really.Or just putting buttons to change the screenshots is also a good idea.
Overall Ill be looking forward to contination of this.Cant wait for more.Im only trying to help ya since I kinda liked this.I havent left a single review helping this much really.
You are really good at noticing little things and you have a good humor sense.
Thats about it...Wow...

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HyperRaider responds:

Wow, since you put alot of time in this review i should put alot of time in my awnser also.
I do not really mind that you dont vote high for this thing, you see its no Flash at all. (thats true)
I do not know how to translate some stuff from English to Dutch so that makes it harder.
Simple things like a easy preloader gets really hard if i cannot translate it, i need someone to show it to me from step to step in order to redo it and actually make it work.
About the sound, i figured out Naruto sound fits good with the flash and i might should slow it down a bit so you all can actually take the time for it to read.
Well about the violence it didn't mean to scare you =P.
Everyone noticed that i should make this preloader and the replay button to work, i've looked on some tutorials and i seems very easy. (The quater is just not falling yet >_>) I want to thank you for your advice and time to review my flash. Soon part 5 is done and i will post it tomarrow. Thanks for saying that i am really good at noticing the little details, but i shouldnt take full credits for that because my brother helped me out ALOT. Thanks for the Review and i might speak you some time later.
My Regards,

HyperRaider (phew thats a long awnser (>^_^)>.)

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Aliens from Planet Dave Aliens from Planet Dave

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I have never thought that I would enjoy a flash like this but this was really great.This is really well made.And Its easy to see you put a lot of effort into it.Hehe nice really.I haven't played the whole game but this is getting a five from me.With my high voting power :P

Hehe keep it up...It was nice

LeoZ responds:

Cool, thanks for the review mate :)

MMPolarity Reconstruction MMPolarity Reconstruction

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Haha yea..Thats it

At Last ! Man I'm sorry I couldn't even play the last beta but I'm ghlad to see this here.I'm not at home today and this comp sucks ! So I can't even play it now :S

But I know that this is a great masterpiece - You are a genius cause you mixed Inuyasha and Megaman.And with that great crossover game you'll be famous for sure..

I already voted 5 on it and I'm going to tell my fans and forum members to vote 5 on it.You know me and my fans. they are crazy .;)

And for those who are reading , play this game ! Now ! You'll regret if you don't play.Even If you don't like megaman you'll like this game.Cause its completely different.You'll feel it..And believe me !

And Frank is one of the best - I love his works and he has a nice personality too.I know how he worked hard for this one so....Vote 5 !

The controls are great easy to use - The music and the looping parts are great.The extras/cheats are super.There's nothing to say about it.I especially think that they will like playing with blues ;) (I guess I kinda spoiled ;) .

And an advice from me frank : "Never care about suckers who say "This game suXXXoorsss .Go die b*tch".Cause they are the ones who are jeolous about everything and who don't even know what flash is.So...Understood ?.....Good ^^

Changing polarities is so fun especially if you're using it against the same colored enemy XD lol

Well Frank take care of yourself.As I promised before I'll do what you did to help me 2 weeks ago.And believe me Thats a "Flamezero Promise" :P

Heh see ya ! I'll talk to you later...

(I can'T open my msn -_- Cause now its full of my fans and its hard to talk who I want to talk lol :P.And now you have submitted such a good game.And the same thing will happen to you LOL ! Muahahahhahahaa - AHAHAHAHAHAH*cough...Uhm ok...jk XD)
(Reply to my review or I'll burn you to ashes ;)

Frankenroc responds:

Well, I don't want to be burned to ashes... haha.

Thanks for such a great review!

Just One Movieclip Just One Movieclip

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Liked it

That was Awesome..I really enjoyed playing it..And its only 3 KB
What can i say...
But a shame that your score is very low.
Oh yea i voted 5 for it..
Good luck in the future..Keep making those "3 Kb " games